2 euro 2019

2 euro 2019

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The fourth statement above is the currently most important — in fact it means that all applicants can proceed with travel arrangements and other reservations for the exhibition.

The Commissioner General will proceed with the finalisation of the acceptance process and the final acceptance will be sent individually to all exhibitors by the 31 August at the latest.

With less than a year to the exhibition, advertising that all are invited to come is important, and so that is the slogan on or next advertising campaign.

Some novel concepts are being planned right now to create an atmosphere of fun and excitement for everyone around philately as our social connection, using some of the most modern technologies and techniques to engage attendees.

It covers all kinds of philatelic classes as well as Cinderella. Although the emphasis is on competitive philately exhibition , it also offers information to non-exhibitors.

You can deepen your expertise on your own philatelic assets or look for new challenges. The philatelic program is herewith presented.

Our visitors are invited to attend this gathering as the emphasis in this exhibition is social; sharing ideas, stories and personal material as well as meeting old friends and making new ones.

The sale release of the tickets to the Social Events has now commenced. The tickets are offered as an integral part of the registration process online at http: PostNord will take a big Trade Stand on level 4 at the exhibition, more precisely next to the main entrance and the cafeteria.

Follow the link to the Floor Plan. More information will follow in due course. As organizers we offered a maximum 2, frames, and so now we can tell that we are oversubscribed.

We have received more than applications representing some 40 membership countries of The Royal Philatelic Society London.

Jan Berg, the Commissioner General, will immediately review all applications and start the acceptance process. It is anticipated that all exhibitors will be notified before the 31 August about their accepted exhibits.

Up to 31 December Meetagain are able to offer web-prices on accommodation during the exhibition week. To each reception, a special handout has been prepared and given to the attendees.

The content in the handouts reflect applicable philatelic subjects. The invitation was published 1 March I value being a member of the Royal and tend to be enthusiastic about special occasions; here we have a major RPSL anniversary in a stunning setting with some fabulous-sounding events!

Also, I have never been to Stockholm and probably never will unless I take advantage of this opportunity. Thirdly, as many members know, my collection is on the overall theme of Peace in which Nobel and the Peace Laureates have a large part so this trip will give me the longed-for opportunity to visit the Nobel Museum and the Nobel Institute.

I suppose I expect a well-organized and stimulating event with plenty of interest and activity to enjoy on my own or with philatelic friends.

All in all, I hope to have a lovely time! What other than the exhibition will you see when you are in Stockholm and Sweden? As I have never been to Stockholm — or Sweden for that matter — and I have been told how beautiful it is, I plan to stay for eight nights to give me time to explore.

First stop on arrival will be the Tourist Office! I am not as young and energetic as I was but I promise you I shall try to fit in as much as I can.

This unique reception will take place in Turning Torso, which is a neofuturist residential skyscraper located in Malmö, Sweden.

Turning Torso is the tallest building in Scandinavia. The reception will take place at the top of the building, floors 53 and 54, where we will meet a panoramic view.

The reception will include a three-course dinner. With this in view it is not surprising that the Royal Philatelic Society London will stage a major stamp exhibition in the Swedish capital to mark its sesquicentennial in The Congress will spotlight three areas — local posts, revenues and poster stamps.

A series of powerpoint presentations and displays by well-known Cinderella philatelists is planned but visitors are also encouraged to bring along a few pages from their own collections as there will be time for displays by those present.

For the latest information on the World Cinderella Congress please log on to www. We now invite Fellows, Members and Philatelists worldwide to consign material to this very special auction.

In addition you will be a strong and important supporter to the Society and its anniversary. We are looking for worldwide rare stamps and covers, postal history and specialised collections.

It is common that you give a present when you are invited to a birthday party, right? More information to be found here on the website.

Exhibition Manager Jonas Hällström, gave a comprehensive report, which was very well received. With his statement, Jonas addresses that now is the time to consider making reservations and bookings for the travelling to Stockholm for the birthday party next year.

The magazines will each be 24 pages, ordinary LP format, and will be printed in an edition of 2, each. All proceeds from the exhibition will benefit the Society.

Our Philatelic Partner, The Global Philatelic Network, herewith invite Fellows, Members and Philatelists worldwide to consign material to this very special auction, and in addition you will be a strong and important supporter of the Society and its anniversary.

The Rarities Auction will take place on 1 June Link to Rarity Auction. As previously reported, we have had a very good progress and have sold out all trade stands.

Link to attending stand holders. We welcome Lars-Olow in this capacity and we are looking forward to him taking up his role in the team.

As previously reported, when we first offered the 43 original Trade Stands, they were sold out within 72 hours. Since then we have had a waiting list.

When the floor plan recently was re-designed, we could release space for another seven 7 Trade Stands to be offered to the stakeholders on the waiting list.

We are now very pleased to report that we have committed additional Trade Stand Holders to the new stands all located on level 4 the main floor. The latest updates to the exhibition floor plan is now presented.

Define your role and invite the one asking to join you in your commitment. The original formation of the exhibition was achieved through a substantial financial commitment by Gustaf Douglas.

His contribution was the starting point for many others to follow. It is your support that will help make this exhibition possible.

Every contribution is valuable. We have a variety of options to enable you to support and become part of this significant event. You are invited to become a Patron or Supporter.

The membership will also add value to your visit at the exhibition. The selection from The Royal Philatelic Collection will remain as a secret and surprise until the opening of the exhibition.

Secondly, Vincent Schouberecht announced the second display: The scope of this display will be to present philately and postal history from Royal Collections, from past and present times.

Tomas Bjäringer left is one of the most ambitious bibliophiles in the philatelic world. Tomas is one of very few Honorary Fellows of The Society, and a very active and important stakeholder to the exhibition.

To the philatelic world, Wolfgang Maassen is well-known as author, publisher, bibliophile and not least a person who gets things done.

At the recently conducted reception at MonacoPhil, Wolfgang presented the scope of these projects.

The application time is open until 30 April No pre-qualification is required and exhibitors may either display in the non-competitive class or as a competitive exhibit.

Invitation, the regulations of the exhibition and the application form is available online at www. There will be approximately 2, frames x90 cm with capacity for 16 sheets not exceeding The candidates will be those judged as Best in Classes, and the best exhibit will be selected via an open voting by the judges at the Palmares.

The whole presentation can be read herewith. A comprehensive presentation of the two volumes will follow in due course.

His collecting area in that field is among many various topics a collection of all meeting handouts from RPSL meetings and displays.

As previously reported there will be four private Pilot Patronships, equally important for the conductance of the exhibition.

The four Patronships are financial contributions for the further development of the exhibition and address the four unique and different topics they represent: Venue; Medal; Catalogue; Frames.

Thanks to the strong Philatelic Partnership for the exhibition with Heinrich Köhler and Corinphila with their Partners in the Global Philatelic Network , we have secured important competences, capacities and a worldwide recognition in the networks of the hobby.

In addition, the financial sponsorship from the group is essential for the quality we want. In addition to their already taken commitment and partnership, their main shareholder and owner Mr.

Haub took over as main shareholder in He has been a keen collector since his youth years and collects covers of Austria and the Swiss Cantonals.

Over decade,s Erivan Haub managed to build up legendary collections of classical US, United States and Confederate States postal history and by far the most important collection of the German States.

Haub's retirement he devotes most of his time with his collectibles, of which his Philatelic collections are his favorite.

Their clubhouse is impressive, located at the 35 th street on Manhattan. Jonas welcomed those club members also being members of the RPSL, to primarily apply for exhibiting and thereafter to plan their visit to Stockholm when the show takes off in Gustaf displayed pages on the 20 wall frames, and showed selected postal history from his Golden Collection of Swedish Philately on mail from, to and via Sweden.

The Society meetings in London are normally of two different types. As speakers to an official society meeting, they will be given the Society Plaque illustrated above.

All presentations will start at 3. They will be open to Fellows, Members and their Guests, but of course also as marketing of Society they will be open for the public the auditorium seats 1, attendees.

In due course, we will present each speaker and his scope of presentation in more depth. Mats has been the key person in Sweden, i.

The patronship combines joint interests between Christoph Gärtner, his businesses and the exhibition management. For the further development of the exhibition, we receive a financial sponsorship commitment, and in return the company receives commitments of value for their direct and indirect involvements.

At a very early age Christoph Gärtner, auctioneer, owner and managing director of the C. Collectors World, already became a passionate collector.

In , directly after his final school examinations, he decided to make his hobby into a career. He started his own business and within two decades, the Gärtner GmbH developed into a world leading trade house for postal stationery and became a specialist for thematics and postal history.

With the foundation of the Auction House Gärtner in he started to realize a long-held dream to create his own place where collectors, customers and investors from every part of the world would could get together to fulfil their own dreams and desires.

Since April both, his trading and auction house, have been united at the current C. In the group has joined the ranks of the most successfull auction and trading houses in the world.

As the largest philatelic auction house in Europe and the second largest in the world the C. G group has been playing in the big leagues for years.

Since the acquisitation of Pumpenmeier Auction House in Kirchlerngern in , Christoph Gärtner has increasingly invested in the growth the C.

All members of the C. Collectors World are closely linked with each other. The main focus of the auctions contentrates on: Consignments for auctions are welcome at any C.

In addition the expert team tours regulary in many countries worldwide. We value close and trusting relationships with our customers.

And as an owner-operated group, we can ensure highly flexible and swift decision-making processes anywhere in the world.

Also known as an "ambassador of philately", Christoph is involved in a wide range of projects.

In he started the project Be on ball with cool stamps as an educational programme, providing schools and other educational establishments with stamp starter sets free of charge.

He has donated over 30, albums with over 30 million stamps at a total catalogue value of over 15 Million Euro. Since he awards the annual International C.

Award to promote and maintain philatelic research and konwledge. Furthermore, he is active on the realization of public exhibitons.

For example as sponsor. The scope on the new advertisements cover the topics from Bulletin 1. The new versions of the advertisements are available here on our website in two versions, single and double page.

Markand Dave FRPSL had informed all the members with more information about the event and advised for accommodation arrangements in advance.

Markand had also talked about the promotion of the event by publicity how can we attract more members and more participants, he further mentioned the technics for publicity.

Members and guests had expressed their interest in the event and asked some questions about commissioners and transportation of exhibits.

Markand had promised to update with more info in next meeting in Mumbai in September after his visit to London. Earlier this week, after several hours of envelope stuffing, label affixing and licking over stamps for applying to the envelopes no self-adhesive stamps , a personal letter is on its way to every US Member and Fellow from Bermuda!

The letter is personal and addresses the progress with the exhibition and a personal invitation to become a Patron. Every envelope has a great new issue Bermudian stamp featuring our Patron, Queen Elizabeth!

As a fun aside, I purchased the stamps and mailed the envelopes from the Post Office in Bermuda which first sold the famous Perot stamps!

Thank you for all that you are doing to make the exhibition in celebration of our Society's th anniversary a huge success! Since the inception of philately as a hobby, philatelic publications, handbooks and catalogues have provided important records for future reference and study.

Today, part of the philatelic hobby also involves collecting the literature which exists for the many various collecting topics.

In the current development of the philatelic hobby, research and study are key drivers to collecting. His various collections have been recognized with Grand Prix National as well as Grand Prix International, and many other awards.

When having reached their final status, Alan has published his collections in outstanding formats as handbooks. The exhibition catalogue will consist of two volumes: The exhibition catalogues will, together with the exhibition medal, represent important exhibition commemorative memorabilia from this unique celebration.

All four Patronships are private sponsorships for the further development of the exhibition, and address the four unique and different areas they each represent: Our Partner Meetagain handles Destination Management for all visitors coming to Stockholm for the show, and Meetagain has blocked 42, hotel rooms at more than 40 different hotels for the exhibition week!

The Destination Packages Offers are found on the following link: The patronship combines joint interests between David Feldman Auctions and the exhibition management.

They enjoy close relationships with the most important stamps collectors as well as an extraordinary track record reflected in a number of philatelic world records.

Visit David Feldman Auctions at their website: This patronship combines joint interests between AB Philea and the exhibition management. For the further development of the exhibition, we receive a financial sponsorship commitment, and in return AB Philea receives commitments of value for their direct and indirect involvements.

The first years of operation were modest with sales lists and small auctions. Initially, the strategy was to offer material of all different types to find as many new customers as possible.

In a way, there was more focus on quantity than quality. The business grew slowly but steadily and in the auction operations of AB Kihlströms Frimärkshandel the oldest stamp auction company in Sweden was incorporated with AB Philea.

This gave the company an additional client base and a shift towards offering material of higher calibre than before.

In , both Frimärkskompaniet in Stockholm and Lars-Tore Eriksson in Kalmar were incorporated and the Kalmar office was kept in the organization.

This was the beginning of the development of an office network throughout Sweden through the overtaking or establishment of local offices.

They also have a representative in Northern Sweden. The offices all work with receiving philatelic or numismatic consignments in varying degrees and are also used for buying items of gold and silver from the public.

The staff of the overtaken offices or companies have in most cases remained as employees. Hence they have aquired a large competence base in the company.

In addition, they yearly hold two coin auctions under the name Myntkompaniet and one or two auctions in Finland. All auctions are presented on their website.

Non-Swedish material is presented in English to facilitate for clients not understanding Swedish, out of 10 new customers are foreign.

Furthermore, auctions are presented on Philasearch and Stamp Auction Network. AB Philea is regularly represented at philatelic exhibitions in the Nordic countries and at several numismatic shows worldwide.

Visit AB Philea at their website: Since then a joint team comprising Jan-Olof Ljungh, Chris King and Bengt Bengtsson has worked together with the famous silver designer Sebastian Schildt, of Stockholm to prepare the medal design.

Sebastian Schildt is the current most prestigious silver designer in Sweden, with studio and gallery in central Stockholm: Yes, Members from the whole world participated in the event where the latest announcements about the exhibition was presented by Exhibition Manager Jonas Hällström, who focused on:.

On 88 pages the exhibition and its concepts are presented and gives comprehensive information about the general concepts and thoughts which are behind the exhibition.

Bulletin 1 also invites Fellows and Members to participate with a philatelic display, either as a competitive exhibit a non-competitive selection form their exhibits.

Fellows and Members with their guests are invited to the reception. Link to the invitation. A complete list of attending philatelic Stand Holders is now launched here on the website.

As previously reported, all trade stands are located on level 4 and 5 at Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre and when the offer was launched in September last year, they were all sold out within 72 hours.

In total, we will have 43 philatelic Trade Stands with Stand Holders representing 12 different countries:. The Swedish contingent as a regional extension of the Society, is large in number, is very active and intend to develop this further.

Although the Philatelic Society London was founded in , it took 24 years until the first Swedish philatelist Axel de Reuterskiöld was elected as a member in Since then, 57 past members and presently 78 active members, totalling Swedish philatelists have or are recorded in the available membership files of the Society.

The KICK OFF was conducted as a two-days-program, with an overview tour around the exhibition venue on Friday, followed be a presentation of the currently developed concepts for the exhibition presented by Exhibition Manager Jonas Hällström.

Saturday was the second day and was conducted as presentations on four different topics. To share their content and knowledge we have made them available from here:.

More information on how to book your ticket to the reception is to be found in the attached invitation. We are very happy herewith to announce that one of the current Senior Philatelic Exhibitors in Sweden, Jan-Olof Ljungh, generously has made a significant financial contribution to the exhibition, to be used for the design and the manufacturing of the exhibition medal.

Jan-Olof Ljungh is internationally known as a great collector of the early issues and postal history from the German Empire respectively from N.

P, he has four different exhibits on these areas qualified on FIP level. In addition Jan-Olof is a very qualified international exhibition champion and exhibitor.

Fellows and Members of The Royal Philatelic Society London will be invited to exhibit in conjunction with the release of Bulletin 1 which will be published in May Having sold all Trade Stands we have been able to finalise the exhibition layout addressing the Trade Stands on level 4 and level 5.

The balcony on level 5 is regarded as the Prime Location of the exhibition. The Global Philatelic Network will have a Mega Stand at the balcony see floor plan and it will be about 80m2 size big, containing a comprehensive activity program during the whole exhibition.

All the companies representing the group will be there: More information about the auction is to be found on the following Link.

We had 45 Stands to offer, 38 on level 4 and 7 on level 5, including the three Premium Stands 1a-d to 3a-d on level 4.

Basically saying - all Stands were blocked after 72 hours. The interest from dealers and auction houses has been extensive and we now have a que with dealers and auction houses who wish to participate but not could be offered a stand due to the limited number available.

A newly signed joint venture agreement puts congress organiser Meetagain in charge of destination packages, accommodation and other local arrangements for the 10, visitors and stakeholders expected to visit Stockholm during the exhibition week.

Meetagain will be one of the key stakeholders before and during the exhibition week in Meetagain organises around conferences annually, ranging from small group meetings to large, week-long conferences with over 17, international attendees.

Read more about Meetagain at www. We talked for a while and I felt like wow, what an opportunity to be part of this.

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2 euro 2019 -

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The offices all work with receiving philatelic or numismatic consignments in varying degrees and are also used for buying items of bubdesliga and silver from the public. On Wednesday next week, the Trade Stand Offer Campaign will start off and will be launched here on the website. Euro 60,- Issuing the DS form: Retrieved 8 December Hazza amsterdam hotel casino Zayed StadiumAl Ain. All pokerstars casino org freeroll password companies representing the group will be there: Yours in Philately, Alex. A certified mail is safer! Aupairs, domestic work, babysitting or housekeeping etc. Retrieved 18 December Corresponding casino winsen the display of the medals, they are presented in bulletin 2 through the presentation article authored by Juliet. The accessibility between all levels in the building is extremely good, with stairs, escalators and elevators.

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