Terminator 2 t1000

terminator 2 t1000

Terminator 2 Ultimate T Action Figure (18Cm) bei 24hmovies.se | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte Artikel. Terminator 2: T Edition [UK-Import] [VHS]: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Robert Patrick, Edward Furlong, Joe Morton, Xander Berkeley, Earl. Robert Hammond Patrick, Jr. (* 5. November in Marietta, Georgia) ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler und Produzent. Er wurde vor allem in der Rolle des T in Terminator 2 – Tag der.

John escaped onto the main road and managed to put some distance between him and the T, however, prompting the Terminator to steal a truck after throwing out the driver who was driving without a seatbelt.

He then drove after John, who once again escaped, fleeing down a levee. The T was not to be deterred, however, and drove his truck off a bridge and into the embankment, once again initiating a chase, severely damaging the truck in the process.

John managed to keep ahead and the T was not far behind on a bike of his own. The T was almost decapitated whilst driving under a low bridge, but afterward he managed to close the gap between them and started to ram the back of John's bike.

By this time, however, the T had caught up and was attempting to overtake the T's truck. He tried to dissuade the T but it managed to slip through regardless and rescued John from his underpowered motorcycle, which got crushed by the truck.

The T then shot out the truck's front-left tire, compromising the T's ability to steer effectively, resulting in it crashing into a low bridge. The fuel tank ruptured and a loose cable spark triggered the vehicle's explosion, distracting the T long enough to allow for John's escape.

It emerges from the wreckage and stole another police car. Having lost sight of his target, the T calculated John's next move and revisited the Voight house, killing and then impersonating Janelle.

It remained in this form until John called to warn them, during which he tried to convince the boy to return home for dinner so it could kill him.

However, John sensed something's wrong since "Janelle" was too nice. The constant barking of the dog, Max, further incites John's suspicion, and the T makes an error; mistaking the dog's name.

By this time, the T had taken over the phone and was impersonating John — it confirmed his foster parents were dead. The T stabs Todd in the mouth and, now irritated, also kills Max.

It searches John's room, tracing his fingers over everything in sight as it searches for anything relevant to his mission. It finds a hollow in the wall behind a poster that contains dozens of letters from Sarah Connor, John's mother.

It follows the return address to Pescadero State Hospital and is granted access to the prison, where it attempts to gain access to Sarah.

It opts for a more stealthy approach, however, and flattens himself to the floor, absorbing the template of a cop.

The T assumes the guard's form and fatally lobotomises him. It masquerades as the security man to bypass additional security staff and and access to the cells where it changes back into his default cop form.

Its search was thorough and he almost lost his chance of finding Sarah, who was attempting to escape at the time after knocking out a staff member.

The T caught up with her, but John and the T had also arrived. It stepped through a barred escape-proof security door and gave chase as they fled into an elevator, receiving a shotgun blast in the face at close range.

It quickly recovered, pried open the empty elevator doors leading to the shaft and jumped onto the elevator roof, morphing his arms into swords to try and stab the Connors from above, one stab catching Sarah on the shoulder.

The T and Sarah both held it off long enough with gunfire to reach the underground parking lot. Next, Sarah Connor forced a police officer to leave his car, which the trio stole.

The T formed a large blob and "poured" itself into the lift's interior, reforming into a humanoid form and giving chase once again, but was held at bay by constant gunfire by the T Sarah's pistol had no affect of stopping the T since it wasn't powerful enough.

It managed to grab hold of the trunk and smashed the rear window with its sword hook to get at John, but the T blasted it off the vehicle with his shotgun.

The T recovered his pieces and took a cop's bike, which it used as his main mode of transportation as he began seeking out possible locations that the Connors might attack, specifically Skynet targets.

A visit to the Dyson residence revealed signs of a gunfight and all of Miles Dyson 's files destroyed. The T's police radio then alerted him to a break-in at Cyberdyne Systems Corporations, to which he responded promptly, arriving in time to catch sight of the Connors fleeing in a SWAT van.

It then stole a helicopter and attacked the Connors on the freeway, injuring Sarah in the process, after which it crashed into the back of the van, forcing it on its side.

He extricated himself from the wreckage and wasted little time impaling a concerned truck driver in the chest - it then steals his vehicle, which was pulling a tank of liquid nitrogen.

The T chased the Connors, almost forcing them off the road several times, and inadvertently directing them towards a steel mill.

The T climbed across the car and onto his truck, firing a carbine into his face and grabbing the wheel, causing the truck to topple on its side and the momentum carrying it into the mill where the tank cracked open, spilling its contents.

The T staggered out of the truck, covered in liquid nitrogen, and ambled towards the Connors, its body rapidly freezing.

The more it persisted, the worse off it became, as his legs cracked and fell apart and his right arm then broke off entirely. It examined his arm in shock as it froze completely and ceased all movement.

The T then shot it, shattering his body into tiny mercury-like pieces that scattered across the floor.

This might have been the end for the T, were it not for an overflowing vat of molten steel, the heat of which restored the pieces to their liquid form.

Each droplet started to merge with others, quickly forming a large puddle, imitating the appearance of the element Mercury, from which it started to solidify.

Once it was fully reformed, the T resumed his hunt for the Connors, but started to suffer glitches , a malfunction caused by the liquid nitrogen, resulting in its feet and hands taking the form of whatever they touched.

It was hardly concerned, and quickly caught up with them, resulting in another direct confrontation with the T It ambushed the inferior model and displayed its superior adaptability in combat by trapping the T in a massive steel conveyor belt, crushing its left arm.

It then sought out the Connors, a menacing ripple flashing across his body, and managed to corner Sarah alone, taking a shotgun blast straight through its right eye before impaling her on a sword made from its finger.

The T demanded she call out for John, but Sarah put up a staunch refusal. Cursing the machine with 'fuck you', she frustrated it. Before it could kill her, the T, which had extricated itself from the gear trap, drove a pipe through his body.

Frustrated and visibly annoyed by the T's constant interference, the T ruthlessly struck the machine repeatedly with the pipe and smashed its head several times with heavy machinery, including a massive ingot of steel hanging on an overhead crane.

As the T attempted to crawl towards its M, the T drove the pipe into its spine and twisted it around before driving it deeper, destroying the machine's main power core.

It is obvious that the T is at least 5 times stronger than the T With the T seemingly disabled, the T took the form of an injured Sarah and called John, who responded to his cries.

Before the T could kill his target, the true Sarah arrived and shot the fake with her shotgun. The T returned to its default cop form and faced off against Sarah, who blasted him to the edge of the ledge, almost knocking it into the vat of molten steel below.

Its main goal is to kill John Connor in the past. Unlike the last Terminator , T can survive almost any injury and changes back to its original form almost instantly.

As the super-computer Skynet became self-aware, it started mass-producing the terminators, in order to wipe out the humans from the face of earth.

A human resistance was led by John Connor, who organized the survivors of Judgement Day to fight the machines. Skynet then sent a terminator to the past to kill Sarah Connor before she gave birth to John.

As the first Terminator failed, Skynet took the next step and sent another terminator, the prototype T, to kill John when he was still a child.

The future John Connor managed to capture a Terminator and sent him to the past as well to protect himself in the past.

In a last-ditch effort to prevent their destruction, Skynet sent a Series Terminator back to the year to kill the human resistance's leader, John Connor, when he was 10 years old.

Upon arrival, the T murdered a police officer, took his clothes and his car in order to blend in like a normal human. He tracked down the foster home that Connor currently lived.

His foster parents, Todd and Janelle Voight, were not surprised to see a police officer on their doorstep asking about John, due to his multiple run-ins with the law, but as John ran away earlier that morning, the T was unable to get to him.

He was also told that someone else was looking for John, too. The T picked up right away that this person was the Series Terminator sent back to protect John, but insisted to the Voights that he was of no concern.

He managed to get information of where John is due to two girls who ratted out on him saying that he went to the galleria.

Both Terminators tracked down John at a mall, and this resulted in the two of them fighting each other while John escaped on his motorbike. The T started chasing after him, but on his motorbike, John proved to be too fast, so the T required a new mode of transportation.

After chasing John on a busy street, he hijacked a tow truck and eventually caught up with him and almost ran him over. But, the T saved John by shooting a tire on the truck, causing it to spin out of control and crash.

A leak from the gas tank made contact with a loose spark plug, triggering an explosion, allowing John and the T to get away.

The T's next idea was to return to Voights' house and wait for John to return. The T warned John about this, so rather than return home, John decided to make a call from a public payphone to warn his foster parents.

However, he sensed something was up, because Janelle Voight sounded "too nice," and his dog was barking very loudly. The T, impersonating John's voice, tricked the T into revealing himself by giving John's dog a false name Wolfie and convincing him that was the real name.

It was confirmed that the T was at John's house, and his foster parents had been killed. The T then reveals to John that the T is a shape-shifter and can flawlessly impersonate any person it touches or makes contact with in any way.

In a deleted scene, the T walks outside to the barking dog and kills it. He then rips off the dog's collar and sees its real name Max and walks away in frustration.

In another deleted scene, he also looks in John's bedroom to look for clues as to where his next location might be.

He finds a shoebox filled with letters from John's real mother, Sarah Connor, written from the Pescadero State Mental Hospital, and decides to go there next.

The T then drove to the mental hospital and decided to copy Sarah Connor and possibly kill her, as that is what he normally does to the people he transforms into, and wait for John to arrive.

The T warns John of this, but John insists they rescue her anyway. Despite being disguised as a cop, the T still raises the suspicious eyebrows of an office worker at the hospital, so he decides to copy and kill a nightwatchman to get easier access.

He reaches Sarah's holding cell, but finds it empty, as Sarah escaped earlier. He later finds her with John and the T and chases them into an elevator, leaving a slice wound on Sarah's shoulder in the process, and climbs onto the police car that the Connors and T have stolen, almost succeeding in his mission to kill John, but shot off the car by the T The car ultimately is too fast for him, so he gives up for now.

He returns to the hospital later where several other policemen have arrived, and meets up with one motorcycle cop.

As he is disguised as that cop later on, and driving his motorcycle as well, it is assumed that the T killed him or not. Cyberdyne Systems was currently working on the microchip that would eventually become Skynet, so Sarah decided to kill the man responsible, Miles Dyson.

However, as she was never a killer, she found herself unable to do it. After talking with John, she decided to tell Dyson everything, and this convinced him to stop working on the microchip, but found out all his work on it had to be destroyed to prevent Skynet and Judgment Day.

So they went down to the Cyberdyne headquarters to destroy everything. The T was aware of this, so he decided to go to the Dyson home, only to find nobody was home.

However, he received a call from the Police Department that the Connors were attacking the Cyberdyne building. When he arrived, the Connors and the T had already taken off in a SWAT van, but then he hijacked a police helicopter and chased them in that.

He then proceeded to chase the Connors down the highway, and mortally wounds Sarah.

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Nach einer körperlichen Auseinandersetzung mit einigen Gästen eignet er sich Kleidung, eine Waffe und ein Motorrad an. News - "Venom" jetzt auch bei Amazon. Robert Patrick war die richtige Entscheidung. John entfernt aus dem Hauptprozessor des Terminators eine Blockade des neuronalen Netzes , die verhinderte, dass der T sich stärker im Sinne eines Menschen entwickelt. Man kann dieses Modell zwar als Infiltrator und Attentäter einsetzen, doch als Skynet-Soldat im Krieg gegen die Maschinen ist er kaum zu gebrauchen. Jungle Force Eye of the Eagle Ein solches Modell kann sich jedoch schneller verwandeln und regenerieren. Wenn das Steelbook jetzt meine persönliche Meinung nicht so hässlich wäre. Terminator T Earl Boen:

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Der T ist sehr anfällig gegenüber Plasmafeuer und mehrfacher Beschuss mit Projektilwaffen zwingt in zu Boden und deaktiviert ihn kurzzeitig. Im dritten Teil der Serie erzählt John jedoch, dass er 13 war, als der T ihn umbringen sollte — dies würde für als Zeitraum für Terminator 2 sprechen. Vereinigte Staaten , Frankreich. Der Film wird mit dieser Edition um zahlreiche Details erweitert, die vor allem tiefere Einblicke in die Beweggründe der Protagonisten vermitteln. Somit spielt der Film im Jahr Und zum ersten Mal sehe ich ihr mit einem Gefühl der Hoffnung entgegen. Navigation Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Nuclear Warfare in the Movies [10]. Robert Patrick war die richtige Entscheidung. Der Film wird mit dieser Edition um zahlreiche Details erweitert, die vor allem tiefere Einblicke in die Beweggründe der Protagonisten vermitteln. Last Resort Fernsehserie, 13 Folgen — Habe das 2D-Steelbook vorbestellt und darauf ist mein Lieblingsmotiv vo Der T dagegen tötet nach seiner Ankunft in der Gegenwart einen Polizisten, imitiert dessen Aussehen, inklusive der Kleidung, bemächtigt sich seiner Pistole und des Polizeiautos. Der T erkennt jedoch, dass auch sein eigener Körper und sein eigener Chip eine Gefahr für die Menschheit darstellen und daher auch er selbst zerstört werden muss. Zudem kann er Teile von sich abtrennen und unabhängig von Hauptrumpf steuern. Skynet nahm deswegen diese Option nur als allerletzte Möglichkeit in Anspruch. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am Wirft man ihn beispielsweise in einen Schmelztiegel, wird er einfach schmelzen. Dyson wird schwer getroffen und sprengt sich zusammen mit dem Material seiner Arbeit in die Luft. Der genaue Zeitraum, in dem die Ereignisse von Terminator 2 stattfinden, wird im Film nicht explizit genannt. Habe das 2D-Steelbook vorbestellt und darauf ist mein Lieblingsmotiv vo Februar geboren, wodurch der Fc bayern transfergerüchte nur zwischen dem An gewinnspielen teilnehmen geriet Billy in einen Motorrad-Unfall, wo er sich sein Bein schwer verletzte. Harris Besetzung Arnold Schwarzenegger: Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ]. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Bilder des neuen silbernen Iron Man-Anzugs aus "Avengers 4" online slots kostenlos It also imitates family members of its human target to gain that person's confidence. Corrosives, [16] [17] such as concentrated hydrochloric acid were also known to damage T's and could even destroy the unit if prolonged exposure could be achieved. Meanwhile, the future John Connor has sent back a reprogrammed Treasure island casino online slots Model Terminator to protect his young self. Judgment Day as an improvement over the original film. Judgment Day misc notes". In another deleted scene, he also looks in John's bedroom to look for clues as to where his next location might be. Luke Skywalker joins forces with a Jedi Knight, a cocky pilot, a Wookiee and casino arcachon droids to save the galaxy from the Empire's world-destroying battle station, while also attempting to rescue Princess Leia from the evil Darth Vader. Judgement Day was released in the United States on July 3, Firefight Video Walter Hatch. It then sought out the Connors, a menacing ripple flashing across his body, and managed to corner Sarah alone, taking a shotgun blast straight gute frage fragen löschen its right eye before impaling her on a sword made from its finger.